About Us

We were founded in 2006 and have always been keen in building next generation of applications for the web. The average user visits more than 100 websites on their mobile device every month, and expectations for speed and quality are higher than ever. We make sure every project is build with the next generation of web technologies in order to deliver fast, secure, and performant content to any screen. 

We believe that  visitors experience is playing big role, so we make sure the applications are fast, integrated, reliable and engaging.

Fast applications render quickly and respond to user interactions with smooth animations. User doesn’t have to reach just through the browser. We ensure the user experiences the full capabilities of the device he is using. The Apps need to load reliably and almost instantly. What is more important, the users wants to return back. The Apps are build with natural look and feel and provide astonishingly designed experiences.


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Gajova 4, Bratislava, 811 09